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China Mobile to Buy RMB 2.5 Billion of Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

China Mobile announced the bidding announcement on March 4 for centralized procurement of lithium iron phosphate battery products for communications in 2020. The company plans to purchase a total of 610.2 million Ah (specification 3.2V) lithium communications batteries for telecommunications, and the procurement requirement gratification period is one year.

Lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO) is a type of lithium-ion battery using as the cathode material, and a graphitic carbon electrode with a metallic backing as the anode. The specific capacity of LiFePO is higher than that of the related lithium cobalt oxide chemistry, but its energy density is less due to its lower operating voltage. The main drawback of LiFePO is its low electrical conductivity. Because of the low cost, low toxicity, well-defined performance, long-term stability, etc. LiFePO is finding some roles in vehicle Tungsten Carbide Rods use, utility-scale stationary applications, and backup power.

China Mobile's bidding announcement shows that the project has set a maximum price limit of 2.508 billion yuan. If the bid price is higher than the limit asset, then the bidder would be rejected. It is understood that in the Radio and Television of the People's Republic of China initiated the national cable television network integration and radio and television 5G construction integration development work. As of now, there are more than 150,000 5G base stations nationwide.

China Unicom and China Telecom plan to complete the construction of 47 cities and 100,000 base stations in the first half of 2020 and plan to complete the construction of 250,000 base stations nationwide in the third quarter of this cemented carbide year.

China Mobile plans to build 300,000 5G base stations this year. According to industry estimates, China Mobile will build 300,000 to 350,000 5G base stations this year, and capital expenditures will increase by 6% to 176 billion yuan. As of the end of January, China Mobile has opened 74,000 5G base stations, and the number of 5G package users has reached 6.736 million.

The 5G base station is the core equipment of the 5G network and provides wireless coverage to realize wireless signal transmission between the wired communication network and wireless terminals.

The industry insider said that in 2020, 5G base station energy storage will add about 25Gwh of lithium iron phosphate battery demand, and the corresponding increase in demand for battery-level and ultra-pure dimethyl carbonate will be about 16,000 tons per year, which indicates that lithium iron phosphate batteries are once again popular.

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Tungsten market volume was light, quotes continue to decline

Tungsten market: Bearish sentiment dense tungsten businesses, operating actively weak, tungsten spot eccentric drill bits market volume was light this week, there is still a low risk of tungsten-based products was down, the domestic scrap tungsten blade or fell 110 yuan / kg in the vicinity.

Tungsten, tungsten recent market weakness City steady, APT smelter walking home goods difficult, tentative 360 DTH hammer offer constantly falling, no significant improvement in market demand. Tungsten concentrate in the short term, paratungstate market or slightly lower, but does not rule out the possibility of shock consolidation.

Molybdenum market: molybdenum transient steady overall market, the industry at this time waiting to see more, manufacturers realized no confidence. Lack of forward momentum molybdenum market, the participants confidence fell again vulnerable situation. Molybdenum business in the short term is difficult to arouse the interest and wait for molybdenum concentric drill bits market bottomed out after a slow adjustment of reforming markets. Hard to find good short-term domestic and foreign markets, fear will continue to slump.

Domestic waste no significant improvement in turnover tungsten, tungsten City now improved early ove

September Scheelite guided forthcoming, most recently merchants dth hammer offer stability maintenance. Coupled with early market funds less stressful, tungsten scrap merchant has no intention of price adjustment, no significant improvement in volume. Currently scrap tungsten drill mainstream price excluding tax concentrated in the 189-190 yuan / kg, domestic waste tungsten blade 169-170 yuan / kg, imported waste and scrap tungsten blade drawing die is still concentrated in the 179-180 yuan / kg, stable. Grinding material purchase price 30-40 degrees W content focused on the 1.45-1.5 yuan / kWh, 50-70 degrees concentrated in the 1.55-1.65 yuan eccentric drill bits / kWh, more than 70 degrees concentrated in the 1.65-1.71 yuan / kWh. Market demand is acceptable to support strong business mentality, there are increasingly high price trend. Short-term market is expected to more than scrap tungsten will continue steady.

Taper Button Bit Overseas tungsten City, the early signs of improvement. The 3rd evening MB Rotterdam ferrotungsten offer $ 40-41 / kg tungsten, up $ 0.3; paratungstate continue to stabilize, the European offer of $ 350-360 / t degrees, the Hong Kong dollar offer 358-370 / t degrees. European summer break ended, overseas downstream demand to be released, the market sentiment gradually improved, trading atmosphere gradually recover, expected short-term overseas tungsten City continues to trend up trend.

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